Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wall Pockets

We made these wall pockets with ticking stripe fabric which has some give, thus the pockets have a bit of slack to hold bulkier items while still keeping them firmly in place.

When you've run out of horizontal storage space, these wall pockets can be hung vertically to store all  manner of things:  keys, glasses, sunglasses, mail, office supplies.  The big one will even hold a magazine or two.  The wall pockets can be the designated spot for things you can't afford to loose or things that tend to clutter up a horizontal work space.  Simply hang with a nail on the wall.

Large Measures: 12.13" diameter
Small Measures: 8.25" diameter

Visit our shop to purchase or buy the large pocket on etsy for $25 plus S&H (large):

Or buy the small pocket on etsy for $15 plus S&H (small):


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