Thursday, January 10, 2013

Painted Old School Desk

This is a solid wood old-school desk made for the junior variety of person, although it will easily accommodate a small adult.  We painted the desk with a matte olive paint and waxed it with dark wax.  It has small platform on which to write and books can be stored in the under section.  A great piece for a child's bedroom or place for kids to work in the home office.

Measurements: 32" tall x 22" wide x 24" deep
Seat is at 17" high; 17.75" wide x 16.25" deep
Desk top is at 27.75" high; 12.5" wide x 24" deep
Shelf is made of 4 slats at 6.5" high; 16" wide x 10" deep

Come to our shop to purchase or buy it on etsy for $150 plus S&H:

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