Friday, July 26, 2013

Truth of Triangles

As you may have noticed we've been really into triangles lately. Something so simple and true about the 3 sides and 3 angles. 

Most recently this cabinet. We used a light turquoise and sage to paint triangles on front and sides while leaving lots of raw wood exposed. We used gloss yellow to paint the vintage knobs and alternate feet.

Before that we did this small table. Found the metal piece in a backyard and then cut the wood block and painted triangles. Sealed with wax and tongue oil. 

The first piece we did with triangles was this work table we built from a butcher block someone was using as an door. We cut a bigger hole in the door to fit an Eppendorf beaker with work tools and cut a second symmetrical hole for another beaker or cords. We used metals legs given to us and cut corner blocks from scrap wood. We painted the table with long black triangles to look like a giant backgammon board. Waxed and sealed with tongue oil to give it an inlaid look.

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