Monday, August 6, 2012

Antiques Faire

I'd say our first antiques flea market was a success.  We're back and exhausted, but happy.

Lane (Urban Orchard Interiors) , Wendy, and I (Claremont Finders Keepers) faced a rough start with our 3am wake-up to be there by 4am for an in-the-dark (and rain!) set-up.

 Thankfully none of the merchandise was ruined by the rain and the market opened dutifully at six.

 The sun made an appearance, the throngs came and bought, and we had a great day. 

Remember the orange sofa that we found and intended to recover?

After a good cleaning, we decided that the fabric was in great shape and that we'd try to sell as is.  Well, that we did.  At the end of the day, we delivered this funky beauty to its new home.

The customer, who owns this beautifully decorated cottage, saw in that sofa what we saw.

And we could not imagine a more perfect place for the sofa to live!

One day later, I'm sore to the bone after having moved furniture in and out of a U-haul four times.  It will be several more months before we attempt another flea market (got to build up that inventory), but we'll be sure to do it again. 

A huge thank you to Jessica and her husband, Elizabeth, Kara, Dianne, Sho-Sho and Magenta, and Sharon and her friend for making their way through the more than 800 vendors find us and say hello.  We appreciate your support!

And thank you to Lane for letting us use many of the photos you see here.  Someone forgot her camera.

We are back from vacation now and hoping to be a little more regular around these parts.  More projects to come!

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