Wednesday, March 5, 2014


March at Walrus!
We’ve been so busy in the workshop crafting new things for the home and beyond. Our sewing machines are working overtime creating fabric basket sets and placemats out of our collection of unique fabrics. Our neighbors at MindsEye Vintage were also kind enough to share a beautiful sequined and cross stitched tunic which we transformed into some really special pillows.
The Temescal Alley collaborations don’t stop there! We recently whipped up some sweet herb sachets, sew from upcycled wool blankets, sweaters and linens. The divine organic lavender and rose on the inside is from the wonderful folks at Homestead Apothecary. Pick one of these up to fill your life with the soothing aroma of lavender or rose.
Adorable chair socks from Mary Marie Knits are the perfect way to keep your fantastic chairs from scratching or scuffing your beautiful floors. These little socks come in a variety of colors and are available in both a knitted and crocheted style. 
Emily Winston is one of our favorite makers. Everyone raves about her gorgeous lights, upcycled from empty liquor bottles. This month she’s graced us with even more great stuff. We now have wonderful upcycled glass tumblers that are the perfect edition to any home. 
Also new this month, we now have gift certificates, hand embroidered by the talented Miss Olivia Carter. Starting at $20, these are the perfect gift for your friends that have recently moved and are in need of fresh and unique home goods to adorn their space!
In addition, Olivia has a few new pieces in the shop. Her small art work is hand embroidered and displays the perfect combination of sweetness and humor. Her “I acorn Oakland” piece is a great addition to any proud Oaklander's home!!
Our newest contributor is Holly Strauss who specializes in decorative painting. We’re so lucky to have her on board. Her ability to take anything from unremarkable to gorgeous is truly phenomenal. Check out the table above that she recently re-did! Looking forward to this and many more beautiful creations from Holly. 
For First Friday this month, we’ll be having a 15% percent off spring cleaning sale. Be sure to come and visit for some great deals. Also, wine and cheese will be provided!
Keep an eye out for plenty of Walrus events on the horizon. There will be a workshop on the last Sunday of this month where you can talk to and learn from one of our fantastic creators. A not to be missed event!! Also, our popular furniture painting workshop will return April 27th, be sure to sign up as this is one of our most popular events!
As always, stay updated with what’s new at Walrus through our blog, instagram, twitter and etsy!


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