Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Walrus Pieces at Ruby's Garden!

Ruby's Garden, located at 5026 Telegraph, is one of our favorite neighbors in The Temescal District. If you haven't been there yet, Ruby's is the go-to spot for hip new children's clothes & shoes, fantastic consignment finds, dolls, stuffed animals, educational toys, books and more! Here are some of the latest Walrus projects that are making themselves home at Ruby's Garden.

A beautiful refurbished doll house will make a great home for all of your little one's little treasures and special trinkets. We also gave this handsome wooden drawer with its original hardware a new life by adding wheels to it. Now this piece can do double duty as a movable storage unit for the bedroom or as a mini-wagon your special kid can use to cart their favorite toys around. 

 This old storage piece makes a cozy home for plush toys and more with a beautiful coat of red paint and low profile that makes it easy to organize beneath larger pieces of furniture. Look at how darling these stuffed animals by Jelly Cats look in it!

A fantastically fresh coat of dusty blue paint with gorgeous cream handles are just some of thing that'll make you fall in love with this bedside table. Two slim drawers and a cabinet below have the perfect amount of space to store those bedside essentials. Also, the height of this piece make it the perfect companion for a children's bedroom or play area!

This simple box is a small, light and deliciously functional piece for the kid's room and beyond. Use it to house you're little one's favorite plush toys or as a desk organizer for school and art supplies.

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