Friday, November 29, 2013

Alternative Kitchen Innovations: An Upcycled Island for Your Cooking Space

We are so pleased to share a pictorial of our latest home innovation project!

Recently, one of our clients reached out to us in need of an alternative counter space in his new, yet surface-less kitchen. For a family that spends a large majority of their time cooking & feasting together, he expressed that a large and simultaneously centralized space was of utmost necessity. With only a basic idea of a fixture and it's use, he reached out to our team for concept, design and carpentry support.

Needless to say, we are so proud of the upcycled kitchen island we designed & built for our client and his family! After visiting our warehouse inventory, we decided to create an island with an antique dresser base, which provides not only ideal height, but loads of tucked away storage space. Additionally, we've resourcefully decorated the side areas of the dresser foundation with beautifully crafted branch & rebar hooks by local artisans Willa Mamet & Joe Karr of Bohemian Blacksmith. For the counter top, we upcycled the top of a old oak school desk, which we sanded, refinished and fine tuned in our offsite studio workshop. Project by Wendy and Coal from WALRUS with help from Asa Bartholomew.

Interested in the final product? We'll, voĆ­la!

And finally, even their baby loved it! 

 Happy Holidays! We are supremely grateful to all our wonderful customers at WALRUS!

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