Monday, March 18, 2013

Welcoming Our New Furniture Designer

We want to extend a warm welcome and introduce our new furniture designer, Nicole.  She'll be putting in a few hours each week to help us and to create pieces of her own for Walrus.

We thought we'd do a little interview so readers can get to know Nicole a bit better.

How did you become interested in furniture design?

I became interested in furniture design while at school at Art Center College of Design. Although I got my BFA in Illustration Design I realized after being introduced to the wood shop at the school that I really enjoyed working with my hands. It was something that has stuck with me since then.

What is your favorite tool to use -- power or otherwise?

I like the new nail gun and compressor we got! You can do a lot of cool stuff really fast with it!

Tell us a bit more about you.

I am also really interested in metal smithing and have hopes to continue learning as many hands on skills as I can!


We are thrilled to have Nicole on board and are looking forward to revealing what she'll be making with that nail gun soon.  We know she's going to be quite an asset for our little business.

Thanks, Nicole!

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