Thursday, December 13, 2012

Befores and Afters

We thought it would be fun to take a walk down memory lane and show you some of the before and after photos of our many projects.  You might be shocked at how far these pieces have come!

Chalkboard Umbrella Stand

Side Table

 Shoe Rack Turned Girls' Dress-Up Stand

This rusty metal work bench had seen better days, but became a industrial-style desk a la Restoration Hardware with a lot of work.

A homely little chair with a missing spindle we fixed, painted, and reupholstered for a custom order.

We turned this motley grouping of ugly chairs into a trio of numbered chairs with a sense of humor.
 "Why was six afraid of seven?
"Because seven ate (eight) nine."

This mid-century white ceramic lamp was returned to its former glory after an unfortunate 80s era sponge paint incident.

So many of our pieces sell before we have a chance to post them and list them on Etsy.

Like this secretary we sold at the Alameda Point Antiques Faire recently.

We do a number of custom orders too.  

Like this hole-filled rustic table which was not working for a family with small children who need to color and eat off it.  With a lot of wood filler and paint, those tasks became easier for the family. 

This mission style rocking chair was also custom order.

Some of our work is done for one of Camille's decorating jobs, like these mismatched Ikea dressers.

These bright blue vintage bed frames got softened up a bit for the same room as above.

These nightstands were also a recent custom order for a couple of little boys.  Talk about big changes!

Another custom order was the old door turned chalkboard/coat rack.

Unfortunately, we often forget to take before pics and have to get a during shot when we remember.

Here's a "during pic" of an ugly oak dresser mirror which got transformed with some paint.

And very occasionally, we like something so much, we have to keep it for ourselves...

The power of a little labor and some paint never ceases to amaze!  
We love to give new life to old things. 

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