Monday, November 5, 2012

Antiques Faire Recap

We are back from a fantastic Alameda Point Antiques Faire this weekend, where we did twice as much business and even got a few custom orders.

 These vintage gold velvet slipper chairs were one of the first big sales of the day.  The fabric is original and the chairs were in very good condition for their age.  They're going into a new men's clothing store in San Francisco. 

 We also sold another gold pair of chairs -- these tufted barrel backed chairs which both swivel and rock.  The folks who bought these really wanted the chairs to have their original upholstery.  That was a surprise to us, even though the fabric in both cases was in good condition. 

Another early sale was this table inspired by bowling pins.  The top of refinished and the legs were painted, numbered, and distressed.  We had a ton of interest in the table, even after it sold. 

Also sold was this recently transformed sweet secretary with grey paint on the exterior and and nice surprise of coral on the pull out desk section. 

The ticking stripe whale pillows were very popular and sold quickly.  We're going to make a ton more of these and open them up as custom orders on Etsy.  The navy and citrine chevron pillows also sold, but we have a few of the coral pillows left.

Our big mirror also sold, along with Lane's beautiful black buffet and French grain sack pillows. 

And a few more photos of some of our smaller items. 

It was a fun day!  Thanks to everyone who came to visit!

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