Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chabot Crafts Fair

We had a blast at the Chabot Crafts Fair and Carnival this weekend.  It was great to connect with our community and get to know so many local people.  Unfortunately, we didn't remember to take any pictures, but we do have one iphone photo of the large faux inlay mirror we sold at the end of the day.

Before we got to it, it was a very plain, but well-built, maple dresser mirror.  In this photo, it is sitting in the customer's house (a local Chabot family) ready to be hung above the fireplace you can see reflected in the background.  We think it's the perfect scale for that space. 

On the side of the photo, you can just see one of the little chalkboard tables and chair sets we sold.  We have two more left if anyone needs one for the kids or grandkids.  Would be great entertainment at the kids table for Thanksgiving!  Contact us for details. 

10% of our sales were donated to Chabot Elementary.  We were grateful to be among so many talented local artists and crafts people.  Many thanks to our new customers!

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