Sunday, July 8, 2012

Trio of Numbered Chairs-- SOLD on Craigslist

We upcycled these mismatched chairs with a bit of second grade humor.

Why was six afraid of seven?  
Because seven ate nine.

So here we have seven, eight (ate), and nine.  These chairs were a homely but sturdy lot before we got to them with a coat of off-white paint and our numbered stencils, and some sand paper to distress them. We even replaced the seat ourselves on Chair #9!

Measures:  Chair #7 is 38.5" tall; 14.5" wide x 17" deep (seat is at 18" high; 15.5" wide x deep)
Chair #8 is 34.5" tall; 14.5" wide x 18" deep (seat is at 18" high; 15.75" wide x deep)
Chair #9 is 31.5" tall; 14" wide x 14" deep (seat is at 18.5" high; 15.25" wide x 15"deep)

This set of chairs is now available for sale on etsy for $76 plus S&H:

Want to see what they looked like before?


We're thinking about adding the squat black one to the trio to become a foursome.  She'd become the fraidy-cat six. 

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